Don’t You Just Hate Workplace Politics

March 6, 2009

Why hello Cell Blogers.. long time i know but hey… late shit happens. lol

I would like to have a word on the workplace for todays Uber Late Post


Dont you just hate it when a workplace is run like a school,
with its stupid little rules like dont talk, keep 10 feet away from one and other, like a fucking Nazi concentration camp. Oh and if you misbehave you get sent to the managers office like a little kid being sent to the headmaster / principal’s office for a little chat and some Lines.. or better yet the dreaded Record Card or Pink Slip that most work places must have that basicly logs a record of all the times you have misbehaved..

What pisses me off most is the way how some managers go about spreading their authority about asif we are running a god damn military operation! half the time tho it’s not them or their fault, it’s all down to the bosses above them dictating rules down the so called “chain of command”

The only thing that is missing is us saluting. Saluting them every time they walk into the same room.

But with all that being said i guess all that crap is easy to deal with when compared to the Politics of a workplace. and boy it happens alot even in the smallest of workplaces!!!

The amount of Bitching, Glory Stealing, Back Stabing, Arse Kissing, and the super annoying Favorite staff member, Who by reasons out of their control is hated by everyone. among all the top players im also trying to figure out were the Workplace Slut is placed in all this? Maybe the rest of the ladys hate the female in question. But the guys dont hate her as they will be harboring hopes of getting a little Poontang but at the same time wont respect her for a second.

With the Cluster Fucks who i have just mentioned seriously messes up any chance of a decent working environment among it’s staff. But Hey we all put up with it as its unavoidable and most of the time stick a plastic smile on our faces just to make the day go faster.

Adding to everything i have said i also believe it’s one of the many reasons why Factions are made. The Us Versus Them mentality, Groups within sub groups, right down to the Village idiot (We all have them in our workplace) who hasn’t got a single clue with whats going on around them.

Were im going with this i have no idea. But i thought i would Vent out some Feelings on a place that we all can find a fault with or understand the Politics stinks like a pile of horse shit from here to kingdom come

So with that being said i have a question for you all That i was discussing with a mate of mine

“Who do you think would win in a Movie/TV Character:
Mega Rumble Out of”

Note: The Characters NOT The Real Life Actors

Ethan Hunt: (Mission impossible, Movies)
James Bond: (Bond, Movies)
Bryan Mills: (Takken Movie)
Frank Martin: (Transporter, Movies)
Jason Bourne: (Bourne, Movies)
Jack Bauer: (24. TV Series)

Place your comments from 5th to 1st on who would go out first to your Mega Rumble Winner

Quote of the Day:
Talent Does what it can, Genius does what it must
Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803 – 1873)


Andrey Arshavin Finally Signs

February 3, 2009


Transfer Wars Wallpaper (( HERE ))

well thank fuck for that. and about bloody time aswell.

we all waited and waited….. an waited some more. but alls final now.

Andrey Arshavin is a Arsenal Player.

Good Luck Andrey, from all us “GÜNERS” out there (His Word not mine)





Feelings on recent Kaka Saga & the odd Tedious Tendency

January 21, 2009

Updated. Check Bottom of Post

Hello people i got some Feelings i want to talk about. first i would just like to mention the Kaka Saga for the first and Last time.

Well them dirty Manc fuckers, NO not the UTD Mancs But the CITY Eastland Mancs, i cant believe they have come out and said Kaka, His Father his mother and brother from another mother and the fucking CAT was asking for to much money?


Im telling you. i am rather pissed off at reading, hearing and Seeing such statements from the Wannabie Big club brigade. first of all offering over 100+ mill for one player is Stupid and not smart. and any player Greedy Enough would have ripped their hand off for that kind of money. but KAKA showd his not a Money Grabbing shit bag like Robinho. so to turn around and say he/ they/ them wanted more is fucking pathetic and smells of Sour grapes with a glass of Gone Off Milk that’s been Warmed up in the bloody microwave.

They (The New Nazi’s of football) thought they could fly over to milan and drop 100 pound notes on the San Siro with a Stealth bomber. So when they fly back with no KAKA, No Father or Brother from another mother and even the bloody Cat to show for their troubles, they start a Smear campaign against Kaka and Milan. oh of witch they say Milan got cold Feet, another load of Cluster Bollocks from the Wannabie Big club brigade.

End of the day my point is this. if KAKA was Greedy he would have took the stupid Sum they had on the table and Not ask for more as the offer was already stupidly high and higher then any deal that would get offered to him in the History of Football. its well and truly clear to see that all of them over at Eastlands has come back like a Whiped Dog. Thats all i have to say on the that.

On to somthing a little more tedious… like tedious tendency’s or obsessive compulsive disorder’s 🙂

have any of you got any silly tendency’s to somthing like Have your Music or DVD Collection in Alphabetical order? or anything along them lines??

Well as for me i can say i do for sure. as when it comes to my DVDs i have to have them in Company order of Production. So basicly i will have all the Warner bros DVDs together all the Universal DVDs together but all the box sets in there own Section.
The real annoying thing is when you get a Movie that is either a 2 part or a Trilogy and one movie out of the 2 or 3 is made by some one else

Take Spiderman for instance. part 1 & 2 has Columbia on the Spine of the DVD case but part 3 has Sony that shit pisses me off. what i dont get is why do they change it? why cant they keep things the same for the sake of having a little continuity. maybe im just being a Moaning bitch? oh well…. its me end of the day HAHA…

Anyways in one of my previous blog post i spoke about how shit the Moive The Spirit was. also to be honest a Real shit start to movie watching of 2009.

So i thought why not point out some of the up coming movies of 2009 with Links for the movie and Trailers in a Brand New Section under the Cell Blog 79 Banner.

Check it out

Quote of the Day:
“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand”
Frank Herbert (1920-1986)

Update: Reports comming from Sky Anti Arsenal Sports News that Arshavin’s club Zenit Saint Petersburg says Tomorrow is D-DAY for the club to Decide whether or not to accept the £12million bid by Arsenal. Zenit wants More money ofcourse because thay are a Bunch of Sneeky Russians that most probably takes a AK47 to every negotiation. Now arsenal have Set a Dead line date witch is Monday. Zeit on the other hand have Welcomed bids from other clubs if they are interested. Arsenal is the ONLY club thats made a Formal Bid.

Lets Hope Tomorrow the Deal is Done

Wenger Could Have His Arse-Shaving, Zavvi Gets a Arse-Shaving, While The Spirit Needs a Decapitation

January 10, 2009

Hello people and Welcome Back to the Blog of FEELINGS!!!!
And Happy New year to all on my First post of 2009.


and as normal i have to start off with a word on arsenal. Wenger had his Press interview on friday and he wasnt giving anything away about the Arse-Shaving deal. tho he was smiling a damn lot so reading into that could mean many possible things.

1) his laughing at all of us Bcos its a Smoke Screen for some 12 year old he is Signing?

2) the deal is pritty much done and dusted Bar the odd Dotting of the i’s and Crossing of the T’s

or 3) a reason i havent boverd to think off yet? what do you think people?

either way we need some Players in Fast to save our season. but as i always say, i wont believe fuck all till i see that very player Holding the shirt with a Big Freedom Smile on his face asif playing for arsenal has been a life long dream of his Before he was even old enouth to Shit in it pants

thats what the faithfull want to see. either way, long as we get 3 points today ill be very happy as every game is a Final for us. ill be happy winning 1 – 0 long as we get them Points.

onto movies now and on New years day me and the missus went and saw the movie called: The Spirit.

Dricedted by Frank Miller Creator of the graphical Novels such as 300 & Sin City. also of which he Co-Directed Sin City with Robert Rodriguez. witch for the record are all Great Movies and a recormended watch,

Miller trys to Create the same Style and Look of Sin City in this moive which is some what Spot on in terms of Looks. buts thats were it stops. every thing else is nothing more then bullshit Borefest of a Movie. this movie was stupid to a Level i havent seen before.

ok maybe im being to harsh but when a movie puts me to sleep in the cinema then i know there’s a Problem as that has NEVER happend to me before and now it has. i was rather suprised my self to be honest that i had actully fell asleep. the movie is Slow, hardly Entertaining and theres Nothing Smart in the Plot in any shape or form.

in short the movie is a Poor One legged Blind Man’s Version of Sin City Made by Disney.

what ever you do.. dont waste ur money on it. dont even buy it on DVD when it comes out. that will be a Waste of ur hard earnd Credit Crunch Wage aswell..

but one movie i did enjoy watching in 2008
(other then the Awsome DARK KNIGHT)

is TAKEN. Witch stars Liam Neeson, a movie i think everyone should watch.
its got that Nitty Gritty European look like in the Bourne films. Neeson our main man who is a is a divorced Ex-CIA agent who isint being allowed to see his daughter by his Bitch of a Ex-Wife. his daughter along with one of her Mates gets kidnapped by sex-traffickers in Paris, the rest from that point is a Kick Arse-Shaven race against time before she falls to deep into the sex-traffickers underground were finding her is all but gone. a must watch indeed.

Speaking of the Credit Crunch, i heard the Retail Store Zavvi is the next retail chain to get a Big Fat Bitch Slap by the Administrator’s. as now more discount is being Dished out on its items. the normal 10% off marked price’s has gone like this.

– 20% off DVD’
(BOLLCOKS! i only got some Dvd’s from there a Few days ago.)
– 30% Off music & Clothes,
– 50% off Vynil.
i guess the 50% off Vynill is Bcos theres not many people who buys Vynil anymore or there isnt enough DJ’s to scratch there Decks at Zavvi’s Credit Crunching Deals. 🙂

the thing that annoys me is, Zavvi are Picking and Choosing what they want to be Reduced. it should be EVERYTHING….

Things like Games, Consoles, and Stuff like ipods isint getting a big %’age off. 50% off a Playstation 3 would be worth the money i say. as i still dont think its worth buying for the Price its being retailed at. and given the fact there is only one game Worth playing it on witch is Metal Gear Solid 4.
other then that all what is out for the PS3 is out for the Xbox360 as a Cheaper price, Plus i believe it to be a better Online Experience.

anyways i think ill leave it there for now, as i feel like i should obliterate the Double Stuff Oreos i got from Ebay all the way from America, as England is Shit when it comes to getting the other Varieties of your Favourite Foods and Snacks

Quote of the Day:
The wise speak only of what they know
J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 – 1973)

Cesc Fabregas Out Longer then my cousins Xbox360

December 24, 2008

Well Hello and Happy Xmas Eve people

And thanks for taking the time to have a read of Zee Cell Blog.

first port of call is Cesc Fabregas is out for Four mother fucking months, of all the players in our Midfield it could have happend to it happens to Cesc, what a load of bollocks..
Wenger must sign a few new faces but i wont expect anything till i see a Player Holding the Shirt with a big smile on his face.
im going to leave it at that,
Roll over to for every thing Arsenal. and Arsenal Debates

My next thought is on the Stupid ability of the Xbox360. it seems to always go titts up after a year or so with the Red Rings of Death.
i have already had the (RRoD) once, and countless others who has had it aswell.
my cousin has had it Twice already and now its making its way to Zee German Repair center after acting like a crack baby in just 4 months of its last Repair job.

tell me this, Why is it that Micro-Bill-Gates-Soft seem to know about this problem and yet still sit on there corporate sausage finger arse’s.

everytime i power up my Xbox im Praying in every religion created by man in hope i dont see the RRoD. as i just find the whole process of sending it to Zee German Repair center rather tedious.

i have a saying on Xbox live when i piss people off for my own amusment
and that is FEELINGS…. Feelings Over DeadCell.

i say that to the person/people in question when they start screaming down the Microphone like a Jerryatric Donkey when i have said somthing to get under their skin, and much to my own amusment aswell as the Friends i Party up with.

So Next time your Xbox fucks up and needs sending off maybe you should send a Letter with the Xbox to the Zee German Repire Center saying..
“Sie Haben mir Einige Hauptgefühle mit Ihrer Verschlagenen Reparaturaufgabe Gegeben” telling them just how you Feel.

which translates into “You Have Given me Some Major Feelings with your Dodgy Repair Job”

anyways im going to leave it there for today so im going to wish you all a Happy Xmas and a happy New year.

Post your comments Below

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We are not retreating – we are advancing in another direction
Douglas MacArthur 1880 – 1964

Welcome to Cell Blog 79

December 19, 2008

Hello people. and Welcome to Cell Blog 79.

let me first start off by saying im not in Prison or in any way been a Prisoner. tho i have been in a Cell for one Night, and it was for somthing i didnt do. but i must say it was the boringest night of my life. all you have is a Steel toilet and four walls to look at for every passing second you are not sleeping.

mind you i did come out with a story to tell when i was released, to Sniff the free mans air again. this is how it went just before he slamed the Cell door on me

Officer: im going to need your shoes please Sir.

Me: Really why is that Officer? (with a confused look on my face)

Officer: well its to stop any of the detainees hanging them selves with the laces!

Me: oh i see
“with A slight grin on my face as my Trainers are the kind you slip on and not tie up”
i go on to say: Officer i noticed there is no Toilet paper, can i have some please

Offficer: Replies asking me how much would i like, few Squre’s or alot more.

Me: well alot more please! “as you never know when you may need to “Pinch a Loaf” i thought to my self”

Officer: oh ok! as we dont give alot to detainees incase they try to Choke themselves with it.

Me: was this Before or after they wipe their arses with it? i said Laughing to my self

the offcier didnt look to pleased,

anyways, onward and upwards chaps and chapettes
with the blog this is a first time stint for me and im doing this just to get some views out there and see were it goes on from there. im not writing a Novel so Spelling mistakes will happen, ill just blame it on me trying to type fast!! 🙂

so my first port of call is Arsenal.. yes i am a Arsenal Fan get over it or with it. but all im going to say is Wenger has been annoying me with his Team Selection and complete Refusal to buy new players and continuously pick players Like Song and Eboue.
Arsene Knows F**K all is the only thing i can say at this moment in time.
Lets hope we beat the Pool of Liver on Sunday.

Second thing i must recomend to people who has alot of files on their computers is to Seriously Invest in a EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. i had a 320gb Western Digital HD witch has lastest me for a very long time and still working to this day, but with all the files i have i needed to buy a new one. so with me being rather happy about my Western Digital i thought i would by the same make again but get Higher memory aswell. so i chose a EHD that was 750gb. me thinking i have got what i wanted i was greatly mistaken. the USB socket on the drive was one of them smaller USB conectors the same one you get on a PSP, and other small MP3 players. where as my 320gb had a HI SPEED USB.
the new one i had gotten couldnt stop crashing and on many occasions deleting things i have stored on there. i wasnt happy. so i ended up buying a new one witch was a 500gb IOMEGA, witch happens to have the Hi Speed USB and FireWire for a added bonus 🙂

so if you get a External Hard Drive just make sure its not one of them small USB conectors. as trying to push large amounts of infomation though a small connector is like trying to drink a gallon of beer with a Straw. not good indeed,

anyways people ill leave it at that for now and till next time i deicde to put some more thoughts out there,

laters people.

Quote of the day:
None Are More Hopelessly Enslaved Than Those Who Falsely Believe They Are Free
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749 – 1832