Don’t You Just Hate Workplace Politics

Why hello Cell Blogers.. long time i know but hey… late shit happens. lol

I would like to have a word on the workplace for todays Uber Late Post


Dont you just hate it when a workplace is run like a school,
with its stupid little rules like dont talk, keep 10 feet away from one and other, like a fucking Nazi concentration camp. Oh and if you misbehave you get sent to the managers office like a little kid being sent to the headmaster / principal’s office for a little chat and some Lines.. or better yet the dreaded Record Card or Pink Slip that most work places must have that basicly logs a record of all the times you have misbehaved..

What pisses me off most is the way how some managers go about spreading their authority about asif we are running a god damn military operation! half the time tho it’s not them or their fault, it’s all down to the bosses above them dictating rules down the so called “chain of command”

The only thing that is missing is us saluting. Saluting them every time they walk into the same room.

But with all that being said i guess all that crap is easy to deal with when compared to the Politics of a workplace. and boy it happens alot even in the smallest of workplaces!!!

The amount of Bitching, Glory Stealing, Back Stabing, Arse Kissing, and the super annoying Favorite staff member, Who by reasons out of their control is hated by everyone. among all the top players im also trying to figure out were the Workplace Slut is placed in all this? Maybe the rest of the ladys hate the female in question. But the guys dont hate her as they will be harboring hopes of getting a little Poontang but at the same time wont respect her for a second.

With the Cluster Fucks who i have just mentioned seriously messes up any chance of a decent working environment among it’s staff. But Hey we all put up with it as its unavoidable and most of the time stick a plastic smile on our faces just to make the day go faster.

Adding to everything i have said i also believe it’s one of the many reasons why Factions are made. The Us Versus Them mentality, Groups within sub groups, right down to the Village idiot (We all have them in our workplace) who hasn’t got a single clue with whats going on around them.

Were im going with this i have no idea. But i thought i would Vent out some Feelings on a place that we all can find a fault with or understand the Politics stinks like a pile of horse shit from here to kingdom come

So with that being said i have a question for you all That i was discussing with a mate of mine

“Who do you think would win in a Movie/TV Character:
Mega Rumble Out of”

Note: The Characters NOT The Real Life Actors

Ethan Hunt: (Mission impossible, Movies)
James Bond: (Bond, Movies)
Bryan Mills: (Takken Movie)
Frank Martin: (Transporter, Movies)
Jason Bourne: (Bourne, Movies)
Jack Bauer: (24. TV Series)

Place your comments from 5th to 1st on who would go out first to your Mega Rumble Winner

Quote of the Day:
Talent Does what it can, Genius does what it must
Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803 – 1873)


11 Responses to Don’t You Just Hate Workplace Politics

  1. rico01 says:

    Hi raif – late shit, is that not constipation πŸ˜‰

  2. raif says:

    HAHAHA no its a slang term for saying Shit happens.. im sure you know and ur just winding me up

  3. avenell says:

    Hi raif.. hey reminds me off the time I used to have a job.. I turned up late on day and was taken in the office for a bollocking.
    The foreman said why are you late and I said “I have been watching Wack-a-day”, I could hear the manager laughing in the other office.. lol

  4. raif says:

    hahaha Wack-a-day.. that brings back memories

  5. avenell says:

    You had a bad day raif? πŸ˜‰

  6. raif says:

    yes ive been sick as a dog.. and now actully throwing up.. i had no sleep last night and feel really messed up.. 😦

    the workplace thing is just odea ive been wanting to do for a while for one of my posts..
    after talking with my mates who work in all difrent places it was nice getting there storys. and kind of adding it to my post

  7. avenell says:

    that doesn’t sound too nice.. keep away from your “little un” ..
    Who’s got the ticket for sunday you or your dad?

  8. raif says:

    my dad has the ticket for sunday.. im going to the next game at home.

  9. rico01 says:

    raif – i was teasing – so sorry to hear you are so poorly, hope you pick up real soon 😦

  10. raif says:

    thank you Rico.. i really hope so aswell. its depressing how ill i am.. every time i cough it feels as tho my head will impload.

  11. exo5keleton says:

    Yes Cuz,

    Nice Blog.

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