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DEAD SPACE (Mini Review) for Xbox360 & PS3
I was Told about this game from my Cousin who recommended it to me.
so i went out and got it and boy im glad i did. this game is good really good indeed. its somthing very close to Resdent Evil 4 and Gears of War in the way it plays and Handles.

this game is intense edge of your seat stuff. very Jumpy at times and as you dont know when and where the next Monster Alien is comming from to try and take a big wet bite out of your arse.. the game is very addictive and keeps pulling you back to play some more.

the story is pretty damn good aswell. it reminds me very much of the Elite Squad sent to Colony LV-426… in the Movie ALIENS. were they all pretty much get whiped out by the aliens. it also has a very similar feel in atmosphere and depth as the movie Event Horizon throughout the game. the atmospheric feel that somthing could jump out to Kill you is constant all the way though, which adds to very tense moments, even more so when Ammo is low.

with that being said all this is almost the same in Dead Space but you are not a Elite Crack Team full of Bad Asses who likes sprinkling Gun Powder on your everyday Crunchy Nut Corn Flaks before they start their day of Alien Arse Kicking. lol..

insted you are a 4 man team of Engineers thinking they are just there for some Repairs on a Mining Ship after responding to a distress call from the Vesille. but little do they know the ship is already being overrun by a alien like virus that turns humans into some uglly Alien mother fucking monsters that only seem to die by Shooting off its Limbs. * NICE 🙂 *

i highly reacommend this game. so get yourself a second hand copy and bash this game away till your eyes bleed


2 Responses to Game Watch

  1. squallviii says:

    you already bought resident evil 5 raif?

  2. raif says:


    yeah i have man.. and completed it more then once already lol..

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