Wenger Could Have His Arse-Shaving, Zavvi Gets a Arse-Shaving, While The Spirit Needs a Decapitation

January 10, 2009

Hello people and Welcome Back to the Blog of FEELINGS!!!!
And Happy New year to all on my First post of 2009.


and as normal i have to start off with a word on arsenal. Wenger had his Press interview on friday and he wasnt giving anything away about the Arse-Shaving deal. tho he was smiling a damn lot so reading into that could mean many possible things.

1) his laughing at all of us Bcos its a Smoke Screen for some 12 year old he is Signing?

2) the deal is pritty much done and dusted Bar the odd Dotting of the i’s and Crossing of the T’s

or 3) a reason i havent boverd to think off yet? what do you think people?

either way we need some Players in Fast to save our season. but as i always say, i wont believe fuck all till i see that very player Holding the shirt with a Big Freedom Smile on his face asif playing for arsenal has been a life long dream of his Before he was even old enouth to Shit in it pants

thats what the faithfull want to see. either way, long as we get 3 points today ill be very happy as every game is a Final for us. ill be happy winning 1 – 0 long as we get them Points.

onto movies now and on New years day me and the missus went and saw the movie called: The Spirit.

Dricedted by Frank Miller Creator of the graphical Novels such as 300 & Sin City. also of which he Co-Directed Sin City with Robert Rodriguez. witch for the record are all Great Movies and a recormended watch,

Miller trys to Create the same Style and Look of Sin City in this moive which is some what Spot on in terms of Looks. buts thats were it stops. every thing else is nothing more then bullshit Borefest of a Movie. this movie was stupid to a Level i havent seen before.

ok maybe im being to harsh but when a movie puts me to sleep in the cinema then i know there’s a Problem as that has NEVER happend to me before and now it has. i was rather suprised my self to be honest that i had actully fell asleep. the movie is Slow, hardly Entertaining and theres Nothing Smart in the Plot in any shape or form.

in short the movie is a Poor One legged Blind Man’s Version of Sin City Made by Disney.

what ever you do.. dont waste ur money on it. dont even buy it on DVD when it comes out. that will be a Waste of ur hard earnd Credit Crunch Wage aswell..

but one movie i did enjoy watching in 2008
(other then the Awsome DARK KNIGHT)

is TAKEN. Witch stars Liam Neeson, a movie i think everyone should watch.
its got that Nitty Gritty European look like in the Bourne films. Neeson our main man who is a is a divorced Ex-CIA agent who isint being allowed to see his daughter by his Bitch of a Ex-Wife. his daughter along with one of her Mates gets kidnapped by sex-traffickers in Paris, the rest from that point is a Kick Arse-Shaven race against time before she falls to deep into the sex-traffickers underground were finding her is all but gone. a must watch indeed.

Speaking of the Credit Crunch, i heard the Retail Store Zavvi is the next retail chain to get a Big Fat Bitch Slap by the Administrator’s. as now more discount is being Dished out on its items. the normal 10% off marked price’s has gone like this.

– 20% off DVD’
(BOLLCOKS! i only got some Dvd’s from there a Few days ago.)
– 30% Off music & Clothes,
– 50% off Vynil.
i guess the 50% off Vynill is Bcos theres not many people who buys Vynil anymore or there isnt enough DJ’s to scratch there Decks at Zavvi’s Credit Crunching Deals. 🙂

the thing that annoys me is, Zavvi are Picking and Choosing what they want to be Reduced. it should be EVERYTHING….

Things like Games, Consoles, and Stuff like ipods isint getting a big %’age off. 50% off a Playstation 3 would be worth the money i say. as i still dont think its worth buying for the Price its being retailed at. and given the fact there is only one game Worth playing it on witch is Metal Gear Solid 4.
other then that all what is out for the PS3 is out for the Xbox360 as a Cheaper price, Plus i believe it to be a better Online Experience.

anyways i think ill leave it there for now, as i feel like i should obliterate the Double Stuff Oreos i got from Ebay all the way from America, as England is Shit when it comes to getting the other Varieties of your Favourite Foods and Snacks

Quote of the Day:
The wise speak only of what they know
J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 – 1973)