Welcome to Cell Blog 79

December 19, 2008

Hello people. and Welcome to Cell Blog 79.

let me first start off by saying im not in Prison or in any way been a Prisoner. tho i have been in a Cell for one Night, and it was for somthing i didnt do. but i must say it was the boringest night of my life. all you have is a Steel toilet and four walls to look at for every passing second you are not sleeping.

mind you i did come out with a story to tell when i was released, to Sniff the free mans air again. this is how it went just before he slamed the Cell door on me

Officer: im going to need your shoes please Sir.

Me: Really why is that Officer? (with a confused look on my face)

Officer: well its to stop any of the detainees hanging them selves with the laces!

Me: oh i see
“with A slight grin on my face as my Trainers are the kind you slip on and not tie up”
i go on to say: Officer i noticed there is no Toilet paper, can i have some please

Offficer: Replies asking me how much would i like, few Squre’s or alot more.

Me: well alot more please! “as you never know when you may need to “Pinch a Loaf” i thought to my self”

Officer: oh ok! as we dont give alot to detainees incase they try to Choke themselves with it.

Me: was this Before or after they wipe their arses with it? i said Laughing to my self

the offcier didnt look to pleased,

anyways, onward and upwards chaps and chapettes
with the blog this is a first time stint for me and im doing this just to get some views out there and see were it goes on from there. im not writing a Novel so Spelling mistakes will happen, ill just blame it on me trying to type fast!! 🙂

so my first port of call is Arsenal.. yes i am a Arsenal Fan get over it or with it. but all im going to say is Wenger has been annoying me with his Team Selection and complete Refusal to buy new players and continuously pick players Like Song and Eboue.
Arsene Knows F**K all is the only thing i can say at this moment in time.
Lets hope we beat the Pool of Liver on Sunday.

Second thing i must recomend to people who has alot of files on their computers is to Seriously Invest in a EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. i had a 320gb Western Digital HD witch has lastest me for a very long time and still working to this day, but with all the files i have i needed to buy a new one. so with me being rather happy about my Western Digital i thought i would by the same make again but get Higher memory aswell. so i chose a EHD that was 750gb. me thinking i have got what i wanted i was greatly mistaken. the USB socket on the drive was one of them smaller USB conectors the same one you get on a PSP, and other small MP3 players. where as my 320gb had a HI SPEED USB.
the new one i had gotten couldnt stop crashing and on many occasions deleting things i have stored on there. i wasnt happy. so i ended up buying a new one witch was a 500gb IOMEGA, witch happens to have the Hi Speed USB and FireWire for a added bonus 🙂

so if you get a External Hard Drive just make sure its not one of them small USB conectors. as trying to push large amounts of infomation though a small connector is like trying to drink a gallon of beer with a Straw. not good indeed,

anyways people ill leave it at that for now and till next time i deicde to put some more thoughts out there,

laters people.

Quote of the day:
None Are More Hopelessly Enslaved Than Those Who Falsely Believe They Are Free
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749 – 1832