Cesc Fabregas Out Longer then my cousins Xbox360

December 24, 2008

Well Hello and Happy Xmas Eve people

And thanks for taking the time to have a read of Zee Cell Blog.

first port of call is Cesc Fabregas is out for Four mother fucking months, of all the players in our Midfield it could have happend to it happens to Cesc, what a load of bollocks..
Wenger must sign a few new faces but i wont expect anything till i see a Player Holding the Shirt with a big smile on his face.
im going to leave it at that,
Roll over to le-grove.co.uk for every thing Arsenal. and Arsenal Debates

My next thought is on the Stupid ability of the Xbox360. it seems to always go titts up after a year or so with the Red Rings of Death.
i have already had the (RRoD) once, and countless others who has had it aswell.
my cousin has had it Twice already and now its making its way to Zee German Repair center after acting like a crack baby in just 4 months of its last Repair job.

tell me this, Why is it that Micro-Bill-Gates-Soft seem to know about this problem and yet still sit on there corporate sausage finger arse’s.

everytime i power up my Xbox im Praying in every religion created by man in hope i dont see the RRoD. as i just find the whole process of sending it to Zee German Repair center rather tedious.

i have a saying on Xbox live when i piss people off for my own amusment
and that is FEELINGS…. Feelings Over DeadCell.

i say that to the person/people in question when they start screaming down the Microphone like a Jerryatric Donkey when i have said somthing to get under their skin, and much to my own amusment aswell as the Friends i Party up with.

So Next time your Xbox fucks up and needs sending off maybe you should send a Letter with the Xbox to the Zee German Repire Center saying..
“Sie Haben mir Einige Hauptgefühle mit Ihrer Verschlagenen Reparaturaufgabe Gegeben” telling them just how you Feel.

which translates into “You Have Given me Some Major Feelings with your Dodgy Repair Job”

anyways im going to leave it there for today so im going to wish you all a Happy Xmas and a happy New year.

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